Provent’s MicroValve technology utilizes the patient’s own breathing to create Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP), thus increasing airway calibre during critical end-expiratory period when the airway is most narrow and prevents collapse of the airway while you sleep. Provent comes in 10 and 30 night packs.

Welcome to Provent Sleep Apnoea Therapy. Treating your sleep apnoea can help you achieve a healthier and more productive day. And with Provent Therapy, you should experience less apnoea-related snoring. If this is your first time trying Provent, you may get used to the device immediately. Fantastic!

If you don’t, stick with it. Wearing Provent Therapy may take some time to get used to.

What is Provent Therapy?

Provent Sleep Apnoea Therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). The Provent Nasal Device uses a valve design that attaches over the nostrils and is secured in place with hypoallergenic adhesive. The valve opens and closes, redirecting air through small holes to create resistance upon breathing out. Because it’s a small, single use, disposable device, it’s also discreet and very convenient.

How does Provent Therapy work?

The device attaches over the nostrils with a hypoallergenic adhesive. During inhalation, the valve opens, allowing the user to breathe in freely. When exhaling, the valve closes and air passing through the nose is directed through two small air channels. This increases the pressure in the airway (called EPAP or expiratory positive airway pressure). This maintains pressure in the airway until the start of the next inspiration and helps to keep it open.



We recommend using a mirror and following these simple steps when applying the device

Step 1 Peel off the adhesive from the paper backing.

Provent Installaltion procedure

Step 2 Align the long axis of nasal insert with the long axis of one of the nostrils to ensure a good seal. Make sure the side tab points outward.

Provent Installation procedure

Step 3 Once aligned, place the nasal insert into the nostril. Stretch the lower nostril area as if shaving the area above the upper lip. This will help ensure a good seal.

Provent Installation procedure

Step 4 Gently press down around the adhesive to ensure a good seal. Make sure there are no folds or creases compromising the seal.

Provent Installation procedure

Step 5 Once in place, the adhesive tab should be adhered as shown. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other nostril.

Provent Installation procedure


Provent Therapy is a new treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea. Studies have shown that treating OSA can reduce health risks (like depression and heart disease) associated with the disease. Provent Therapy has been proven to:

  • Decrease apnoeas (breathing pauses)

  • Increase your energy

  • Reduce daytime sleepiness

  • Lead to a better quality of sleep

  • Reduce OSA-related snoring

  • Increase your enthusiasm to get things done

Differences between CPAP and Provent

  • CPAP uses continuous positive airway pressure to keep the airway from collapsing. Provent Therapy uses the power of your own breathing, expiratory positive airway pressure, to create this pressure, as opposed to forced air from an air blower.

  • Some CPAP users give up treatment (or use it less than they should) because they find the equipment cumbersome and difficult to use.

  • In comparison with CPAP, the Provent Device offers multiple benefits that enhance ease of use and comfort. For many former CPAP users, Provent Therapy is an alternative to CPAP that fits their lifestyle while giving them the freedom that has been missing.

Tips for Success

Provent Therapy often requires a period of adjustment. Some people get used to it right away; others may take up to a week or more to get used to it.

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