Provent Purchase

Welcome to Provent Sleep Apnoea Therapy. Treating your sleep apnoea can help you achieve a healthier and more productive day. And with Provent Therapy, you should experience less apnoea-related snoring.

If this is your first time trying Provent, you may get used to the device immediately. Fantastic! If you don’t, stick with it. Wearing Provent Therapy may take some time to get used to.

Product Information and Provent 30 Day Pack

Provent Therapy uses the power of your own breathing to hep you sleep with fewer interruptions. It may take a little getting used to. People adapt to breathin with Provent Therap at their own pace. We’ve specially created 3 convenient phases to help you adjust.

  • Phase 1 and 2 use lower non-therapeutic resistance devices, designed to help you adjust to Provent Therapy.
  • Phase 3 uses full resistance devices to provide you maximum therapy. From this phase onward, all devices will be full resistance.

Remember: Provent Therapy may take a week or more to get used to, but stick with it.

The 30 day pack is for regular provent users. 30 days of Phase 3 resistance provent.