Who Are Sleep Services Australia?

Sleep Services Australia specialises in home based sleep monitoring and professional treatment for a broad range of sleep problems, including Sleep Apnoea, Snoring, Periodic Leg Movements, and Insomnia.

Sleep Services Australia is owned by highly qualified respiratory and sleep physician Dr Linda Schachter, who reports on our sleep studies and provides clinical recommendations as to treatment.

Dr. Schachter is also available for specialist consultations with patients prior to, and after, their sleep studies. General practitioners can refer their patients to our physicians for an assessment of patients’ sleep disorders and/or to implement specific treatment for sleep disorders.

Sleep Services Australia - Office

Sleep Services Australia – Office

Our advantages include:

  • Sleep Services Australia is a national service provider in the area of sleep disorders – a one-stop clinic for diagnosis, treatment and patient follow-up.
  • We pride ourselves on our first-rate professional service and qualified staff, who offer ongoing support and friendly advice every step of the way.

  • Comfort and peace of mind for the patient – no overnight hospital stay, and no waiting lists

  • Our turnaround time for sleep studies is approximately 7-10 business days from the date of sleep study to generation of report being forwarded to the referring physician by post, e-mail or fax

  • Convenient and cost-effective sleep monitoring – prompt treatment can be implemented

  • Trained medical personnel to assist patients in set-up and ongoing treatment

  • All treatment supervised by experienced sleep physicians

  • Ongoing sleep apnoea treatment and reviews through our excellent CPAP clinic service

  • Thorough clinical consultations and reviews with our sleep physicians (*head office only)

  • We can refer patients needing MAS or other treatment to a local service provider or to another specialist

  • We supervise treatment with CPAP through our exclusive 4-Week CPAP Trial, where patients can become acclimatised and familiar with different models of CPAP machines, and can then decide if they wish to proceed with treatment

  • Follow-up treatment review sleep studies can be booked to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment – this includes where patients have lost weight or are receiving treatment via MAS and/or lifestyle modifications

For booking or enquires call Sleep Services Australia on 1300 867 533 or email bookings@sleepservices.com.au