Sleep Services Australia’s experienced Sleep and Respiratory Scientists and Clinicians provide educational talks, seminars and training to clinicians, the general public, community and industry groups.

Our Clinical Consultants and Sleep Scientists serve as valuable training resources for your institution as well as your clinical connection to current trends in health care and sleep research.

Educational services include:

Educational Information Sessions

Presentations include:  What is Sleep?  Sleep Breathing Disorders,  How to improve your sleep, as well as related diseases.  Our clinical educators present to medical practitioners, the general public, community, work groups and sporting clubs.

Continuing Education

We provide continuing education credit programs (CEC points) for primary practitioners, nurses, and case managers

In-service Training

We present product-specific in-service training including discussions on physiology and clinical applications for Home-Based Sleep Studies and Sleep Breathing Disorders Treatment training.

To arrange for one of our clinical educators to present at your next function or medical practice or for information on our next in-service training sessions, please contact us.

For booking or enquires call Sleep Services Australia on 1300 867 533 or email