Sleep Services Australia have accredited Sleep Study Centres nation-wide that offer:

  • Home-Based Studies and CPAP Therapy
  • CPAP Trials plus ongoing evaluations
  • Arrangement of Specialist Sleep and Respiratory Consultations
  • Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) Therapy
  • Treatment options for sleep and respiratory disorders
  • Suppliers of CPAP machines, masks and  accessories
  • Clinical and Educational presentations to Medical, Specialist, Community and Sports Centres

The mission of Sleep Services Australia is to assure the highest quality of care is given to patients as well as providing vital clinical information to the referring practitioner.

Our Sleep Study Centres, are located in Dental Centres, Pharmacies, Medical and Wellness Centres and specialise in diagnostics and treatment for a range of sleep disorders.

Our National Head Office arranges the Home-Based sleep study or treatment at a Sleep Study Centre located nearest to the patient.