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Diagnostic Sleep Study

Everything about the sleep study and the set-up was explained at the time we made the booking, so I knew what to expect. I am impressed with the professional and friendly staff.

Mr B., December

CPAP Intro & Home CPAP Report

Excellent report. Excellent service.

Mr R., Melbourne

CPAP Intro & Home CPAP Report

I am delighted by how CPAP has changed my life!

Your staff have explained everything in such great detail, and I am sleeping better than ever.

Mrs T., Melbourne

CPAP Intro & Home CPAP Report

Thank you very much for your prompt service, and answering all my questions about CPAP.

I am very pleased with the way it is working for me.

Mr M., Melbourne

Diagnostic Sleep Study

Thank you for answering all my queries, and for forwarding my report, together with referral information and resources.

Mr W., Launceston

Diagnostic Sleep Study & CPAP Trial

I first heard about Sleep Services Australia through a work colleague.. I had a home-based sleep study in March 2007, and a CPAP review sleep study with CPAP as part of the 4-week CPAP Trial in April 2007. I also had several consultations with Dr Linda Schachter, one of the Respiratory and Sleep Physicians. I had a wonderful experience with the entire staff, who were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend their services! After receiving treatment with Sleep Services Australia, I am actually now enjoying going to sleep, as opposed to my previous experience of tossing and turning, and waking up countless times during the night.

Dr F.D.

Diagnostic Sleep Study & CPAP Trial

I had a home-based sleep study in April 2007, and a treatment review sleep study with CPAP as part of the 4-week CPAP Trial in May 2007. The people were so friendly and helpful. I appreciated being reminded of all my appointments and the care that went into going through my results and treatment options.

I really liked being able to do the sleep study at home. It was a big positive for the service provided. I actually think I slept much better than if I were to be having the study in a hospital.

Once I went onto CPAP treatment, I really appreciated the time spent choosing the most appropriate masks.

Mrs B. M.

Diagnostic Sleep Study & CPAP Trial

I was referred to Sleep Services Australia by a friend, who suggested that I can have a home-based sleep study to assess my snoring and suspected sleep apnoea. I had a home-based sleep study in May 2006, and a subsequent treatment review study in July 2006 while completing your 4-week CPAP Trial.

I believe that I received a very professional and scientific service throughout. In fact, you guys deserve a medal! You identified an issue which would have shortened my life, and significantly reduced its quality, then gave me the insight and tools to manage it.

I am very grateful for this, and would recommend that all blokes at risk of sleep apnoea take a serious look at home-based sleep studies.

Mr P. F

CP, Melbourne

Since being diagnosed with severe sleep apneoa 6 months ago and purchasing a CPAP machine I now sleep much better at night, keep awake during the day, don’t fight drowsiness while driving and have greater energy level.

Thanks to Sleep Services Australia for your support throughout my journey.

CP, Melbourne

GT, Melbourne

“I am 69 years old and for at least 15 years had not had the pleasure of a full night’s refreshing sleep. The process of reaching this goal began with my referral to Sleep Services Australia and treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome by Dr Schachter. The introduction into my life of a CPAP machine has been miraculous. It took some weeks of adjustment and getting used to going to bed hooked up to a machine but it is now my best friend.

My family comment frequently what a difference it has made to my life.  I have so much more energy, no longer fall asleep in short bursts constantly throughout the day, do Pilates, exercise classes and even have started Zumba dance.

Thank you Sleep Services Australia for your care, concern and commitment to finding, adjusting and fine tuning my aim to sleep a full night.  The entire staff is to be commended for making this potentially anxious time a rewarding and pleasant experience and giving me the chance to lead a full and happy life once again.

GT, Melbourne

Simon S, Melbourne

To Linda Schachter and all her staff @ SSA

Thank you to everyone.  You’ve changed my life for the better.

You are all fantastic at what you do.

Thanks again, Simon S, Melbourne.

Simon S, Melbourne

Michael M. Melbourne

To  Dr Linda Schachter

I just wanted to write to you and thank you and your great team.  You have really helped me immensely to say the least.

I truly have not had a good night sleep in years, until your consultation and advice.  I actually did not realise how poorly I was sleeping until I started using the PAP machine.  And more importantly, my wife, also can get a good sleep!

The help and advice you have given me is immeasurable.

I wish you and the team continued great success.

Michael M. Melbourne.

Michael M. Melbourne